Traditional techniques

Concentrating on the Arts and Craft Movement, especially on their point of bringing traditional techniques back, I started my research on Pinterest, looking for some inspirations. I already knew, what kind of style I wanted, so these techniques are the ones appealing the most to me.

This technique creates a beautiful and easy pattern. It was done by just swiping a soppy sponge on a shiny and flat surface. To keep the pattern the artist took an image instead of a scan and manipulated it on creative media. It creates an uneven but still controlled design.

There are ideas that are so easy that you wouldn’t think of them. This work is done by using a brush and paint. It is more a purposely created pattern, since you’d lead the brush. It has a really nice texture, combined with the elegant sweepy and wandering lines. It looks like this is a scan of the piece and I believe if this person would have taken a picture of it, more of the uneven, but shiny dried paint texture would be there to see.

While researching I really liked this technique and its effect on an actual notebook. It was done by splashing black ink on white paper. It looks like there were different ways of splashing it on due to the diverse kinds of pattern. The little splashes create a design in themselves which looks awesome. The work itself looks like a combination of precise and uneven procedures and just looks clean.

This technique is one of my favourites, just because of the brilliant outcome. First of all the artist prepared herself with a tray of water in which she sprayed different colours in. It will create different effects if you are spraying from close by than from further away. But the spray paint already spreads out and creates a beautiful pattern. To get this on paper she just prints in on by laying the paper on top and taking it out to dry.


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