Final Outcome & Evaluation

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Finishing this project I can say that this whole work development I have experienced was such a development for myself. Knowing that I didn’t spend much time on traditional techniques before, gave me the inspiration to try something new and widen my horizon. I feel like most designs these days are really unique because of their combination of traditional techniques and creative media. Throughout the work process I think the tasks have changed, or more the theme of this project. It was planned to be in vintage, but after some research it was clear, that it makes more sense building it around the Arts and Craft Movement, since its based on bringing back traditional techniques, which I was trying as well. I believe during this project I found my strength in creating pattern in different ways. I was enjoying trying out new techniques and was always amazed with the outcome and its unique style. But I suppose my weakness was this time I really had to hold my self back while creating the Notebook. I always wanted to add something to it, which I understood later, wouldn’t work and would take the focus off the pattern. If I did this assignment again, I guess the only change I would make is to organize more materials and try out some more things, and if I had more time I probably would have created a notebook itself, just to present the design in live version. I must admit I am really happy with my work and the outcomes and I did meet the deadlines as well. If I would have the chance to do this assignment again, I would definitely do it. I guess this pattern area falls into an area I really enjoyed.



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