Development and Outcome

Throughout this project I have spent a lot of time creating patterns using traditional techniques. I have chosen out of all the outcomes some of which appeared more unique and fancy than the others.

To develop them further into final pieces I manipulated them via Photoshop and added some adjustments. I changed the brightness/contrast, made most of them darker and made them vivid saturated, while I decided that others would look better in black/white. I also used the level-adjustment to control the brightness as well as darkness even more. To manipulate the colours, the Hue/Saturation and Colour Balance tool was quite helpful, since it gave me the option to have it in colours I really wanted.

The final pattern I created are mostly bright, but quite intense. All in all they are quite lively and vibrant. They include different kind of lines, some have really precise wandering lines, others are more blended. It really depended on materials I have used. It represents a really changing and transitioning value, which makes this work seem more exciting.

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I feel like these outcomes are creating a spiritual and inspired mood as well as  relaxing and joyous atmosphere. My attention is especially drawn to the beautiful pattern, created by wandering and elegant lines in addition to the uneven and unique texture. To keep the viewer’s eye moving I chose to colour the book band and book mark in quite bright and highly contrasted colours. I have done this especially with the notebooks looking more neutral then the others, which now seem like a little eye-catcher.

These outcomes are in my opinion a success, mainly for the reason that the pattern just creates a visual unity itself and doesn’t need much additionally to stand out. Focus is on the beautiful design and I felt like If I were to put something else on the cover it would ruin it.

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