Eve Warren

Eve Warren’s designs represent mostly pale and neutral coloured packaging. Using a combination of warm and cold colours within her work in addition to geometric lines, it seems to be purposely designed in content modern. As a result of using colours like this, it has a calming and peaceful visual impact. She uses a variety of strokes, which are long/short, random, curving and elegant to create an edgy pattern. Her work appears to be precise and light, supported by a smooth and clear texture and a roomy proportion of shapes. All in all the layout of her work seems to be straight forward and a combination of unintentional and intentional shapes, which create a piece as a whole. Additional to the pattern design, she manipulates the typeface to make it fit into her work, this includes using shapes and pattern within her font and removing bits.

I think her designs are creatively done, by using easy schemes and procedures which make it look like a piece you would buy. It attracts attention, because it is different to other designs, and represents a diverse style such as you would see in shops. It includes a lot of empty space which benefits the design, and has the effect that it doesn’t distract from the design and doesn’t seem claustrophobic. She created a beautiful layout, with many small details, which keeps the viewers eye moving.



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