Brief Analysis – Notebook Stationary

In this project I am going to design a Notebook Stationary, using traditional media. Experimenting with different materials as well as trying out new techniques is going to be a massive part throughout this project. The design should appeal to people all ages.

From this project I’d like to learn more about traditional media and it’s techniques. I think it will be very useful to learn these techniques for this project and for future references.

To gain a pass I should carry out personal research from contextual sources, develop solutions for a negotiated brief, developing and extending visual language skills, select and experiment safely with specialist media, materials and techniques to develop visual communication skills. I should also review work and develop outcomes and realise and present final outcomes to meet the brief.

To achieve a merit I should research and respond to sources, showing clear consistent and direction and intention, show initiative in selecting and using materials, equipment and techniques, applying understanding of the factors that influence the specialism in evaluating work against the brief. I should also show an individual approach to structuring, reviewing and presenting work in a coherent and considered format and produce effective and skilful outcomes that show a consistent level of knowledge, skill and understanding.  

To earn a distinction I should research informed, independently selected references, showing innovative personal thinking and creative direction and show perceptive critical appreciation, meeting the brief through applying an understanding of the factors that influence the specialism.



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