Tyler Spangler


Tyler Spangler’s inspiring designs seem to lean on a psychedelic style (which basically looks like an “on-drugs” effect), sometimes mixed with manipulated drawings. His work shows a variety of different techniques and processes, which are for example collages, photography and many more, as you can see in the images shown above. Using a lot of bright colours his outcomes appear to be very peaceful as well as sympathetic. Within his design elements like bright, lively and intense colours and a dramatic, transitioning and changing value makes his work stand out and draws attention to it. Also his creative but original style itself will be remembered of the viewer. To create a visual movement Tyler Spangler uses different kinds of techniques, which are for example intense optical colour vibrations. Also random contouring lines are creating a movement within his work. To create a visual unity he combines photography with a variety of processes and illustrations. The use of contrasting, heavy and dominating shapes bright coloured in combination with mostly black and white photography’s seems to be really clever, since it won’t hurt your eyes but get your attention. It appears that he successfully gives every piece of work a character, for example the image at the bottom left represents a photography of a woman pulling a face, which I would class as crazy. This image is surrounded by irregular colour vibrations holding the work together.

Looking at his work I feel really inspired because of his different and original ways of working. It just shows you more, how diverse and nearly rule-less graphic design can be. I especially enjoy the use of colours within his work. Black and white images seem to work better than expected in combination with bright coloured  illustrations, which stand out in a quite dramatic and dared style.

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