Sam Chirnside

Sam Chirnside’s distinctive designs are done by using  lively and vibrant colours edited on graphic media.  It seems to be well controlled as well as transitioning, but in a balanced way. Throughout his work he has been using a variety of techniques mixing colours, to get intentionally diverse effects. With these effects, he used a range of different processes to present his work. His outcome simulates a relieving, calming, spiritual, peaceful mood and atmosphere and just represents harmonious feeling. The use of unintentional and soft curving and elegant lines in addition to a smooth, irregular and shiny texture creates a visual movement and keeps the viewers eye moving. To create a visual unity he placed the images in the center and let them seem 3 dimensional through volume and precise effects via graphic media.

In my opinion his work is really successful and inspiring. In his work he has been manipulating colours, texture and typography which I think worked for him as a favour. Looking at his work, you can see that he has got a style he is following, which is the use of paint and creating different outcomes within these techniques.

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