Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler is one of my favourite artists who is known for his collage work as well as representing his work in black and white. His marvelous work has been created by manipulating his artwork with a variety of different materials and techniques. Using elements like sculpted shapes or textured forms he aims to keep the viewers eye moving. His work as a whole looks really simple but also unique due its messy but clean cut workstyle. Jesse Draxler seems to enjoy combining the use of different materials, like paint on print, to get dominant transitions shown in his artwork. To create a visual movement or rhythm he uses uneven, smooth sometimes irregular texture within his work to create a visual movement.

My personal review on his work is, that he’s giving me a lot of inspiration for my future work. His awed work is tempting me to try out these techniques. Especially his vinylcover design (below top-left corner) inspires me to experiment more with different materials to get an unique and even result.



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