Initial ideas

Due to this project, I had to come up with some ideas. You can see at the top a variety of my strongest ideas.

Idea one is presenting doodles on a simple empty wooden background. If I was to use this one as a final idea, I would edit lavish colours within the doodles via graphic media. The idea was inspired by the boo hoo style, which I am personally a fan of.

Idea two was partly inspired by Jesse Draxler and his dirty unclean, but fascinating style. I wanted to recreate his style in my idea, so I used a turned peace sign and put “Strike while the iron is hot” above it, which would be done using running ink.

Idea three was inspired by different manipulated typography shared on Pinterest. The idea of it was to create a word with different patterns instead of outlines and bring them out in a bright and colourful way. Since the word was saying “Sweet” I thought of having little falling jelly beans in the background, just to make to board even sweeter. The background was planned to be white, to create a contrast between Type and background.

Idea four was a simple idea of having play button icons. I tried to keep this idea simple, but funny. People would connect with it. It would have a white background and the icons would be presented in high contrasted black. This idea would connect more with gamers.

Idea five was my strongest idea. It shows a ram surrounded with an optical illusion. The ram stands for the animal as well as the skateboarding trick. The colours are planned to be black and white, to keep the viewer’s eye even more moving. The outlines will be hardened and full of contrast. To create this, I am going to trace a ram and scan it to add further effects to this piece.

Idea six represents a perspective drawing of a bunny. I chose to create an illusion which makes it seem to be 3 dimensional, to let it stand out even more. The bunny itself I think has the jump in common with skateboarding, which is why I chose this for the design.

Idea eight was based on two clashing colours creating a colour vibration. On this colourful and outstanding piece I would put a sentence on, created by cutting out words out of newspapers and magazines. It could be something political or something motivating. The colour vibration created by the colour pink and blue would especially keep the viewer’s eye moving.

Idea nine is showing Miley Cyrus in her famous pose, with her tongue out. I would trace hew image and continue working on it on creative media. She would get filled in with faded, but cheeky colours and make her seem 3 dimensional. Above the image I would use bright colours to cover a few parts of it roughly to create a special piece of work.


Other ideas:

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