Final Outcome & Evaluation

I am really happy about my final designs. I had never really spent time learning about skateboard designs or skateboarding, but due to this project, I spent a lot of time in diverse skateboard shops or skating with friends, to see their very own skateboard. I learned how different skateboard designs can be and that there aren’t many rules to follow. It just has to be special and need to connect with the buyer. That’s a reason why I think my outcome is really successful. I feel like it is timeless and still seems to be modern. It creates an optical illusion and a visual movement, which makes the board even more interesting to the customer. The ram itself on the board also connects with skateboarding itself, since it’s called like an skating-technique. I think I would actually buy it, if I was looking for a skateboard for these reasons. Comments made about the skateboard design were based around the optical illusion and how modern it looks.

In my opinion the biggest inspiration for this outcome was Tyler Spanglers work. His amazing work is often creatively confusing in a brilliant way. Some of them seem to move, through optical illusion, others are just built through an unusual idea. His work inspired me to try out something new, in this case include drawing within my work and creating a visual movement.

During this project I feel I have learned a lot about different styles and techniques, e.g. how to effectively use new illustrator tools within my work. I also feel that I have been much more confident about working on researches and initial ideas.



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