Poster designs inspired by designers & Development

For this project, I was asked to recreate 3 poster designs. I chose to recreate 3 Swissted ones, which you will see below. I chose to recreate these posters, to experience the diverse techniques hiding in these pieces.


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Recreating this piece I first started finding the matching colour for the background. Using a light grey for it, there will be more space for brighter colours on top. I created one box at the time, to match the bright colours to the original piece. Overlapping both boxes and using the multiply blending mode the boxes get a similar effect as shown in the original image on the left. To layout the whole poster I used rulers. In between these lines I put the right aligned text using the bold Arial font for the title and the classic Arial font for the information underneath.


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While recreating this one, I first started by picking a similar colour for the background, which ended up being a reddish colour which seemed a little faded. To get the title on the page, I had to find out a look a like font, matching the original font. I decided to go with Franklin Gothic Medium (Regular) and put “J” and “M” in, leaving one letter out. The next step was to create a new layer on Photoshop. Using the same font and font size I put an “A” in, (middle letter of jam) changed its colour to black, rasterized it and put a clipping mask on it. So far the title is ready. Now I just put some rulers above the poster to mark the spaces for the missing information. In these spaces I also used Arial to write the information down, now just much smaller than the title.

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Recreating this poster, I first had to find the matching faded background colour, shown on the original at the left. After trying out a few colours, I found out that it is a purplish-grey colour, which I also used. Beginning with the numbers on which I used the font Franklin Gothic Medium in matching colours. I used the blending modes on Photoshop, the “multiply”-effect to create an opacity with high contrast. To create a well lay out poster, I used some rulers which I measured from the original, to know where the text belongs. The text, which was also in Franklin Gothic Medium was aligned to the right and is showing some information about the event. After finishing with the rulers, I deleted them just by pulling them back. And these were the steps to recreate this poster. Using the same steps I created this poster in context of the Leeds International film festival.

Using these steps, I continued working towards my final outcome.

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With my final design, I wanted to lean on the psychedelic style, which is known for the use of abstract and clashing colours. I chose to use red as a bright background colour. To go completely abstract I chose blue to go on top, shaping a three using the font “Franklin Gothic Book” (regular). Additional to the high contrasted image so far, I decided to add some shadows to the numbers to give it a two-dimensional touch. I put a yellow number one above the three, using the same font and size, but adding the “difference”-blending mode to it. As done before I also put some shadow on this number. To create an official poster, I needed to put a title, the date, the logo, the website and the social media buttons in. I right aligned the title of the festival, used the font “Franklin Gothic Book” and used a bright yellow to fill it in. Next to the title, the logo of the festival in white and unchanged, so people will recognize it. I chose to use faded blue social media buttons, so it won’t distract as much from the center of the poster. Next to these I added the website to finish this design off.

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I am really happy with this outcome and think it is a really unusual choice of colours, which is why it is so outstanding. These abstract colours will keep the viewer’s eye moving and read what they need to know. What I especially liked about this working process was, that I didn’t have to put a lot on this page, to make it seem special. Sometimes it is just helpful to play around with colours.


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