Importance of Researching

While doing a project it’s important to understand what it is about. You have to know details about the film festival for example, so you feel more connected to it and you can show that you actually know something about it. You are the person who wants to present this to a unknowing person, so you will need any information you can get, as well as informing people, you will need both primary and secondary research. This will help develop your design and presentation, to get the information yourself and connect more with this object and create an exciting and unusual design. This could be implicit or explicit and will just represent (in this case Leeds) the theme you want.

Secondary research can help you with inspiration from other artists and designs and the way they produced their work. It will give you an opportunity to widen your horizon with techniques and processes as well as with ideas and simplicity for example.

Some ideas you will get won’t make you feel comfortable, so seeing other people’s work, which can sometimes be rule-less, will give you more confidence with your work and outcome.

Researching primarily will help you get ideas and ephemera as well as sometimes even an explanation about the design itself. While designing, you will often need your own photography or material to create your own and personal work, researching primarily will get you these materials and imagery.

Your primary research is important for your development, because it will give you different ideas and a different view in design. You will get a view of street and community art which comes sometimes from unknown designers. As well as getting a view of art, you will get an understanding of what attracts people to Leeds and get a taste of the natural feeling.

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