Ideas & Critique

During the process of creating ideas for this project, we had the opportunity to have a crit, which basically means that we were presenting our ideas to a group and they will give us feedback. This was really helpful for selecting the final idea and develop this one. You can see below a variety of my ideas I started with.



My first inspiration was a leaflet I picked up in Leeds. I really liked the typography standing out and the manipulated and outstanding photography. Its designed in a quite simple but effective way, which made me draw it in my sketchbook, to see how the Idea would look like in the context of the Leeds International Film Festival. In my own version I would have used a film reel in black and white and develop the type with different techniques.



When I picked this leaflet up in Leeds, I really liked the typography being on focus in many different ways. They used different Typefaces, all in capital letters, describing the World Curry Festival. Adding an image to it at the bottom seems to build a great outcome. This gave me the inspiration for my second sketch which would just be converted into the film festival-style.



Also in with this design I got inspired by a leaflet, showing amazing typography. I really liked the way they included image with typography, having both quite on focus. It is designed in a modern style, which is common these days, so I was trying to create a piece, including the typography-details. I took many Images in Leeds, so I thought I might put this one underneath the text.



This idea was inspired by a Swissted poster (bottom image), which I also have already recreated (shown below). I loved the way they combined modernism, simplicity and the psychedelic style with each other and set the focus on the typeface in the center. The typeface they’ve manipulated impressed me the most, because it really stands out!  Out of all of my ideas, I started developing this one since I saw the biggest potential in it. 





Without any research I`ve also been trying to come up with some ideas myself. In my opinion posters are more effective and standing out when there is some manipulated type included. That’s why I tried to put focus on the title of this project, having a video-camera underneath it. I’d have the typeface bright and an image in the background, showing Leeds in a low contrast.


This idea is not the strongest one I had, I must admit. Using block letters in capital it should set focus on the typeface itself, having an image as background. The typeface would have been in a bright colour, while the image would be in a low contrast. Between the typeface you’ll see a film wheel, which would just represent the project. It wasn’t my favourite idea due its usual style. In my opinion it hasn’t got much potential to stand out between other poster designs.



While getting some inspiration via pinterest, my idea was to concentrate on the typeface and represent the title written into each other. I wouldn’t have used any images, just the type on its own. Using bright colours I’d like to aim the psychedelic style to stand out.



The idea was a combination of different images I’ve seen. The typeface being manipulated and symmetrical is in focus, as well as the imagery overlapping each other in the shown circles. The imagery would get a colourful filter for each and would be in middle of a white background.



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