Favourite collected ephemera

Collecting ephemera in Leeds, I chose just to collect things I really think are outstanding. Beginning with this leaflet, I really liked the typography which hits your eyes from the first second. They used a lot of white space in the background, which doesn’t appear to be empty due the nice and colourful imagery.

These leaflets are in my opinion an awesome piece of art. I love the way they combined graphic media with photography and make it seem really colourful, but in a way it doesn’t seem to much. Everything just fits well in place.

I picked this one up, because it caught my eye due its symmetrical and colourful presentation. They used different shapes in all sorts of colours, which gets your attention and as soon they got it, you just feel that you have to read what’s on it. I think this leaflet is cleverly designed and would stand out between other designs, because of the colour treatment.

This leaflet I picked up in Leeds grabbed my attention due its creative way to represent movement within the typeface. Also the use of two main colours adds a fitting character to it, which I personally enjoy.

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