Leeds Trip

Leeds as a whole is a huge and beautiful city, which still has historical pride as well as values that others have left behind for a more modern lifestyle. Also, Leeds is known for its beautiful art and design, not to forget its industry. Some of the architecture is just amazing to look at due its old and rusty style, like The Tetley’s building. Leeds itself is not just known for its design, but also for the huge variety of shops and centres. Part of this city is also the amount of student friendly environments like the Leeds Beckett University or Leeds College of Arts. Festivals and huge events for all ages as well as large-scaled music festivals are a well-known and famous part of Leeds.

Because the Leeds international film festival takes place in Leeds, we, as a class, went to Leeds to visit several museums and galleries to see designers work as well as to look at historical work with hidden art pieces like the typography from Egypt. We took many pictures and collected ephemera, like leaflets, to use it for our research and inspiration. I decided to take pictures and collect ephemera I think are attractive and outstanding, to use these as an example for my own work.

Taking photography is in my opinion a huge part of my work process, since it gives me the option to decide later on to use the imagery itself or draw from it to include it in my work. I’d rather work from home with these images than drawing directly from something outside with a limited choice of materials. Working with photography gives me the choice of what I would like to do and use as many possible techniques as possible. The whole point of collecting photography and ephemera is to be able to incorporate it into my design. It is really important to collect ephemera to recognize the work of designers target the people of Leeds, which shows again that these people were doing research about Leeds to create the leaflet to stand out to the right target audience. While we’ve been in Leeds we also went to see a movie at Everyman in the centre of Leeds Trinity shopping centre. The purpose of this action was to get an understanding of why people watch movies and get an understanding of what attracts people to see and to experience these things.

Because leaflet and poster designs aren’t that much different, I think the collected ephemera will help me generate my ideas on paper and graphic media. In my opinion the self-taken photography will also help me creating something new with paper or graphic media. I am going to experiment with processes and techniques I have barely used before, to create a new style as a whole. This is going to need photography and ephemera to make mixed media processes possible for example.

Taking photography

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