Not so brief analysis; Live Brief Poster Design: 31st Leeds International Film Festival


In this Assignment I’ve been asked to conduct secondary research into the LIFF (Leeds International Film Festival) and to present it creatively on my blog, adding moodboards and annotations. I also have to go to Leeds to absolve my primary research, which will be done by having a Culture Walk through Leeds and its beautiful galleries, museums, cinema’s and landmarks. During this Culture Walk I’ve been asked to take as many pictures as possible of a variety of artwork, which includes typography, community art and stickers on a wall for example; i.e. everything that represents an artificial character. As well as taking pictures, I will collect ephemera (e.g. leaflets) and produce visual work, which will include generating a moodboard. While expressing my ideas, I am allowed to use different blogs to get inspiration. When annotating this task I will also describe the importance and the need to use Research, Compare and evaluate primary research techniques.

To get a great final piece, collecting secondary research of the work of given designers and artists and creatively presenting it on my blog, in addition to any primary experiments I wish to do, will help me. This also applies to annotations, which include comparing and evaluating the different media, techniques and technology that I observe.

I’ve also been asked to describe the importance of primary research in the design process clearly and consistently. Using a combination of media, techniques and technology I will choose three of the designers from my secondary research and reproduce their work using Leeds as the subject matter. My primary Leeds research will be the main resource for this task, but any secondary work can also be used. This should be creatively presented on my blog, and include photographs and screenshots of the development process.

In the following annotation I should review the work I am producing, clearly and consistently, describing how I have developed my ideas. In the briefing I am also asked to produce 10 initial ideas, which should give the potential to diversely and coherently use graphic media, techniques and technology to produce innovative design work.

In my annotations I will review the viability of each design as well as style of illustration, typeface, colour, texture, movement, layout and most importantly balance. The annotation should also discuss the importance of idea generation in the design development process clearly and consistently. After developing my ideas for this project I will present them to the class to allow for a collaborative approach and feedback to the design development process, offering my ideas and thoughts to my classmates about their ideas, and accepting theirs regarding my own design concepts. After this I will record this class discussion on my blog with snapchat videos and discuss the impact of collaborative working in the design development process in annotation.

As soon as I have successfully produced one or several professional, innovative and imaginative final designs, I will present them in a set of provided Photoshop mock ups which I will post on my blog as well as mailing it as a JPEG to my tutor. After completing these tasks I will write a detailed evaluation which I will post on my blog. Additionally I will prepare a short presentation of my design development process and final outcome to share with my class.

This Assignment is a combination of two Units which are Unit 2 and Unit 37. Unit 7 will get marked from P1-P4, from M1-2 and distinction. Unit 37 has more assessment criteria, which will get marked from P1-P3, M1-M3 and D1-D3.

For Unit 7 there are following criteria I have to follow, which are for a P1 to describe my design development process. To gain a P2 I have to add using the design development process in my own work. In addition to this I have to communicate my ideas and intentions clearly to earn a P3. Including all these tasks I will have to work safely with others, this criteria will help me to achieve a P4. To get a M1 I’ll need to consistently show a clear understanding and effective application of the design process. Including this criteria I’ll have to use verbal and visual communication with others confidently to accomplish a M2. To gain the highest grade for Unit 7 D1, I will have to show independence and creativity in the safe application of the design process, producing professional outcomes based on highly focused research and collaborative development of ideas.

Unit 37 is giving me different criteria to gain grades. To earn a P1 I must investigate graphic media, techniques and technology, adding to this I will have to use graphic media, techniques and technology to meet a design brief to accomplish a P2. Additionally with these criteria I must present design outcomes using graphic media, techniques and technology to achieve a P3.  To gain an M1 I will have to complete the tasks before as well as comparing the use of graphic media, techniques and technology in my own and others work. I will have to cover all other tasks as well as using graphic media, techniques and technology diversely to coherently meet a design brief to complete M2. In addition to this I must effectively present and review design outcomes using graphic media, techniques and technologies. To achieve an M3 I will have to effectively present and review design outcomes using graphic media, techniques and technologies. To earn a D1 I will have to evaluate the use of the graphic media, techniques and technology in my own and others work. Using graphic media, techniques and technology independently and innovatively to meet a design brief will gain a D2. To complete D3 I will, like in every other criteria, do every task adding presenting and reviewing design outcomes imaginatively, using graphic media, techniques and technologies.


The Leeds International Film Festival themed assignment is going to need some research, which will help me processing my final work. There are many research avenues to find, but I think for this project, it is important to find out more about Leeds itself and about the Film Festival. Looking through Social Media and Websites will give me information I will need for my development. As well as finding out about Leeds and about the Film Festival, I will get some inspiration of other posters and their structure as well as using leaflets as inspiration. Exploring techniques and processes is in my opinion a huge part of my work development, which will possibly get used in my final design. Part of exploring research avenues is to go to Leeds to collect primary research as well as ephemera. It will also take some secondary research, which would be researching designers and artists.

During this project I will take the chance to learn and develop more skills. This includes, for example, improving skills on techniques and processes. I am willing to learn more about different designers and artists due to its importance in giving inspiration and setting an example. I will continue my secondary research as well as my primary research to get more inspiration and help how to create, for example, a poster in an interesting and informative way. Recreating artist’s posters will teach me some new techniques, layouts and its effects on Photoshop. During this project I am going to use mainly Photoshop, this will give me the opportunity to improve my skills on this graphic media. Since this project has a deadline of 4 weeks, it will also train my time management skills. In my opinion this project fits well into my design development process because of the many skills I am going to learn.



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