Techniques & Processes

While creating an artwork, you need to know what techniques you could use and what effect it would represent. Due my project, I spend a while trying different media out, which are these below.

img013img012These two images I created were done by squashing acrylic paint between paper. They have a beautiful texture and a unique way of mixed colour. You could see this artwork as an implicit way of showing feelings, like confusion (black one) or love (red one).

hjuI tried to find as many different ways as possible to use a sponge and acrylic paint. In my opinion the texture of this process symbolises movement, or fear.

untitledkI’ve been trying to illustrate movement as well as emotional feelings with black charcoal, which I think was a success. I really like the effect of it and just looks uncompleted.

I’ve been cutting keys out a lino print and used acrylic colour to create key stamps in different textures which could get used in a project with an old or emotional background, since it looks quite rusty. Depending how you would see it.

In this image you can see bubbelwrap covered in acrylic paint and its print. It always shows up a different texture and different opacity .

To try a different technique out, I’ve been cutting out a key and kepts both cutouts to create an outline for each try. Using paper tissues dipping into dyed ink I kept going on the images or around to create this outcome.

When you are wanting to draw something you also have to know, what possibilitys of drawings you have. I’ve been drawing from a penn with looking, without looking, with one continues line, with my left hand, upside down, a gesture drawing, automatic drawing as well as a negative drawing. All of them show different effects.


In these images I’ve been using a lot of water and a brush to flick bits of brusho paint in. It creates a beautiful watery effect in the water on every side.

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