Cover-Ideas (Book: 1984)


1984-Idea 1. (OUTSIDE)

My first design idea for the audio-vinyl ‘1984’, was to create a triangle with an eye in it, which would represent ‘Big Brother’ watching everybody. In addition to this, I have placed a shooting gun at the side of the triangle; this communicates fear and dominance. Cold and dark colours would find their use in this design, outlining how dark and depressing the story in the original book is. All in all the whole image is an illustration; combining drawing and photography. The attention is drawn to the image in the middle, and though this does not tell the whole story, it teases the observer into identifying what genre the story will be.

1984-Idea 2. (OUTSIDE)

This idea shows an image created by squashing acrylic colour onto paper, using dark colours such as black – again to represent the depression of the story – in addition to red which represents danger and pain. I have used white as a contradiction which makes it visually easier on the eye.  The disjointed shape of the paint could be symbolic of a few things, like confusion or a petrifying feeling; this again represents the overall mood of the original book ‘1984’. In the centre and also in the spotlight, the title of the book would be surrounded with a white box. This will set the focus on the title even more.


1984-Idea 3. (OUTSIDE)

Idea three would use both photography and photoshop. It would show a blurred or unrecognisable person with dark, detailed eyes which represents emptiness and the absence of his or her own mind. The background would be dark to symbolise the sky at night and to create a feeling of emptiness. Since visually the background itself is dark, I decided to create the person using quite bright colours and in particular to make the eyes ‘pop out’. This would not only make the person stand out visually but would represent the brightness of their original character before the fear and confusion changed them.

img_01691984-Idea 4. (OUTSIDE)

This idea was inspired by collage images on pinterest. It shows a person created out of hundreds of tiny pictures with the person itself in handcuffs which represents a lack of freedom. The background will be black to symbolise emptiness.


img_01681984-Idea 1. (INSIDE)

This idea is simply to take a picture of a fence and manipulate it with illustrator/photoshop. In this case I’d like to use black for the fence and experiment with different techniques to help me decide how best to recreate it. The background will be white which symbolises the message of freedom and peace, however in this case that freedom is locked behind the black fences which represent decay and darkness. So the message all in all is that freedom and peace has been replaced by decay and darkness. After creating the image (cover) I’d play around with the final version to see where the title would fit. This idea would be in the inside of the vinyl cover.

img_01661984-Idea 2. (INSIDE)

This idea is one of my favourites at the moment. On each page there are just two numbers but together they make ‘1984’ , the title of the book. I thought I could do a cut-out and tape a metallic paper behind it, so that the title is completely in focus. The background would be completly dark OR the title of the book would be in black, with an image in the background showing a group of people.













1984-Favourite idea so far (IN- & OUTSIDE)

These drawings which I have created with charcoal are dark, incomplete and negative, which represents the theme of the book. The images are not crisp and clear, they are out of focus which symbolises the confusion and fear of the characters within 1984. I’d use these images and manipulate them further via photoshop, by making them deeper and darker against a plain background. Or, I could even change the colour of the images completely. I would use one of the images in the centre of the front cover though I would make it much bigger. The others could be used on the inside of the cover in different corners. I would also experiment with the position of the title to find the best place for it visually.



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