Records Sleeve Design

Whilst researching for inspriation for my project, I saw some vinyl designs I liked, showing above.

I’d like to create a sleeve design, which could tell the story, but still implicit, to make you think a while about it. It should tell the story through design, pattern, imagenary, colour and texture but only imagenary can have a huge effect. Especially images which create a movement or emotions are suitable for this projects. For this project I planned to try out different media and their effects to find out, which of these will take part in the actual sleeve design. Particularly creating a symbolic figure or image, which would represent the theme of the book 1984.


I went to a record shop down Wakefield to get some inspiration and have a look on different techniques. I really liked the Elektronic section, due the creativity of the sleeves they had. Especially the way how misleading and manipulated their artwork is and still completly the music matches.


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