Stefan Sagmeister


Stefan Sagmeister, born and raised in Austria,  is a graphic designer and typographer based in New York. After studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he recieved a Fulbright scholarship (Pratt Institute) in New York. Later in his career he designed album covers for famous people such as the Rolling Stones and Jay Z. In 1993, he formed the in New York based Sagmeister Inc.. Stefan Sagmeister met Jessica Walsh in 2010 and gave her a Job at his agency. After a couple of years working with her, he made her as a partner of his agency (today Sagmeister & Walsh)

Stefan Sagmeisters work often includes typography, as well as photography. Especially his photography manipulated work hasn’t got any limits e.g. also showing himself and colleagues naked in images, or even cutting words into his body. While creating his artwork the use of bleached and faded colours is remarkable due its fitting context in the final image. It seems that Sagmeister is mostly trying to send messages to start people think. He is staying loyal to his own style.

I really like the way he includes an amount of different techniques and mixed media in his artwork and always achieves to create a new work as a whole. His work sometimes seems crowded due his included typography, tho it still is the right proportion and amount to set the right effect for the audience. Because he is working together with Jessica Walsh since 2010 his work also includes teamwork and a mixed variety of different ideas and styles. Two styles meet and create a judgemental, reflective, relieving and faithfull work as a whole, which in my opinion is significant.

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