Jessica Walsh

style sheet-page-001Jessica Walsh, who’s born in 1986 is well known as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator and also partner at creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh. She began in the age off 11 with coding and designing websites and studied later on graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. When she successfully achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008, she decided to move to New York City to intern at design firm Pentagram for  nearly a year. She then worked as an associate art director at Print magazine. Jessica Walsh also had design work and illustrations featured in various books, magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and New York Times Magazine. In 2010 Walsh met Stefan Sagmeister. As soon as he saw her work, he offered her a job at his Studio, Sagmeister Inc.. After two years working with Sagmeister, she was made partner in the age of 25. Next to blending handcraft, photography and painting with digital design, Jessica works primarily on branding, typography, webdesign and art illustrations.

Her signature style is described as bold, emotional and provocative with the occasional surrealistic flourish, also as “hand-made” and “quite-daring”.

While her career as a graphic designer, she had a lot of clients within some well-known ones like; Levi’s, Aizone and Adobe. But graphic design isn’t all she is doing, she also teaches design and typography at the School of Arts in New York.

Walsh’s work is known for using intence and extravagant colours, as well as geometrical and dominating shapes.It seems like she always tries to create something unusual, which hasn’t been created before. In my opinion her work can mostly be interpretated with a message behind it. All in all it appears to me, that she tries to send these messages or to represent a mood in her artwork. Jessica Walsh uses most of the time mixed media e.g. Photography, Painting, Typography and Photoshop giving her work character. Mostly she includes People in her work. I really like her work due the confident creations she has. It all looks very wanted and unaccidental, sometimes even in a crontrolled mess.



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