Chip Kidd


Designer and writer Chip Kidd  is based in New York (as well as Stonington, CT, Palm, FL) and is known for his book cover designs. The book cover designs he’s been non-stop working on since 1986 helped him create a revolution in the art of American book packaging. His work got often rewarded with the National Design Award for Communications and the Use of Photography in Design Award from the international Center of Photography, from many others. While his career he  published 2 novels, which are ‘The Cheese Monkeys’, ‘The Learners’ as well as ‘Batman’. Next to writing Novels he is also an author of books about comics, e.g. ‘Batman Animated’. Chip Kidd has spoken as a lecturer at Princeton, Yale, Harvard and others.

The book covers he is mainly designing are quite modern and decorated with manipulated typography. In his designs he keeps focus of at least one thing to stop  irritation and keep focus on the importance of the title for example. Especially the style he is using is always different, he combines old styles with modern or photography with drawings. It seems that there are no lilmits of materials he is using. Particularly his comic covers are really colourful, which is probably typicall for comics.

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