Allison Diaz


The collage artist Allison Diaz (grew up in California) just achieved her graduate at the California State University, Sacramento. She studied an electric blend of photography, psychology, art and biology before finishing her degree in Spanish Literature. Allison Diaz’s work currently focuses on the idea of shifting perspectives, identity and perception of reality.

Her work reflects her passion for Magical Realism and abnormal psychology. Mostly in black and white as well as dark, subtle and faded colours, she particularly gives her artwork a scary and psycho effect. Her geometrical collages include photography and as it seems cutting out materials. Especially the shifted perspectives reflect sometimes a hidden message, which you could interpretate as scary or fear. Other pieces of her are created with happier colours however don’t appear as bright, as you would know it from other designers. It appears that she always uses faded colours and a bit of fantasy.

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