David Carson


David Carson, who was born in 1954, is a really successful American typographer, graphic designer, teacher and surfer. He is also the founder of David Carson Design Inc., which is based in Zurich since June 2007. He began studying Graphic design in 1980 at the San Diego State University, but finished it at Oregon College of Commercial Art. In 1988 he has been designing the layout for the magazines “Musician” and “Beach Culture”, which won over a hundred design prizes. After a few years he was responsible to design the layout for the magazine “Ray Gun”. While this time David Carson was also a Consultant and Graphic Designer for Companies e.g. Nike and Pepsi, also famous musicians like David Byrne and Prince where customers of David Carson. He’s also been doing several Advertisements with e.g. Sega, Coca-Cola and Nations Bank. 1995 he published his first book “The End of print” and published more books in the following years.

His style of design is known for its unconventional ‘dirty’ type photographic techniques. His work is characterized by chaotic typography and pattern it embodies, disarray of photos overlapping each other, seemingly meaningless at the surface but holding a larger picture. The disorganized use of his typography has its own purpose.

David Carson’s extravagant work represents a dramatic, chaotic and dominating style. It appears that he’s creating that style through his decision not to follow the design rules of graphic design, which you can see in his designs. He purposely created images with overlapping pictures and letters and mostly doesn’t highlight pictures or texts, which again reflects his style in graphic design. Even so his designs are quite crowded and unique, he manages to use the right kind of colours, which presents a good combination of each Element in his design. Because he is using a variety of pale and faded colours and rough and patterned textures, it does seem to create a new style as a whole. David Carson is also known for using the cutting tool on images and photography and using a lot of space.


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