Not so Brief Analyses

I’ve been asked to produce a rare 12” Vinyl Audio Book Cover for chosen literary classics. The book should be 12×12 inches front and back with a 24×12 inch inside cover. The cover should represent a theme/concept that reflect the story and will tell a story itself. To do this I got asked to set a blog up, which will become my digital sketchbook. In this blog I’ll have to post my development, my recent ideas, experiments and my final work.

George Orwell – Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)

William Golding – Lord of The Flies (1932)

Harper lee – To Kill a Mocking Bird (1960)

J.I.Salinger – The Catcher in The Rye (1951)

Joseph Heller – Catch 22 (1961)

Jack Kerouac – On the Road (1957)

To make any researches, I need to know what research avenues I want to explore. In the context of the given choice of books I am going to find out, what genre each book has and start a mindmap looking for ideas and inspiration. I also will read the discribtion of the book and decide on the theme what I have to think about, eg. a book is about ‘death’ and I’d have to think about thinks representing the death, for example ‘suffering’ or ‘decomposition’, whitout spoiling the book.

From this Assignment I’d like to learn more about Photoshop and its techniques to use. Also I’d like to see myself developing my skills in layout and design as well as in producing a graphic media product. I also need to get use to have a blog and keep it recent and well prepared and I’d love to get into photography for my blog again.

To achieve a pass grade I should show that I’m able to work creatively with experimental techniques and processes as well as non-traditional graphic media. Adding to these criteria I’d have to use mixed media in producing graphic image outcomes. The last criteria to achieve a pass grade is that I need to select a reproduction of techniquestowardss graphic image outcomes.

To achieve the next highest grade, a merit, I should be able to explore coherently non-traditional and experimental graphic media as well as being able to use them. Designing an effective graphic media product, using experimental and non-traditional graphic media practises is included in the criteria of achieving a merit. The last step criteria is to explain with references to well-chosen examples the reproduction techniques used towards graphic design outcomes.

For achieving the highest grade, a distinction, I will have to explore diverse experimental a non-traditional graphic medium as well as design an innovative graphic media product independently, using experimental and non-traditional graphic media practises. I also have to evaluate (including references) to detailed examples and reproduce techniques used towards graphic image outcomes.

My main aim is to achieve a distinction as well as in every other assignment, to make sure that I’ll finish this year with an even better grade and safe my spot at an University, which is my next goal.

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